Job opportunity : Addiction Counselor for Medical Complex working in the government sector in Qatar company in Qatar

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Job Title Addiction Counselor
Closing Date 2018-10-15
Company Medical Complex working in the government sector in Qatar
No. of Posts 5
Location Qatar
Contract Permeant
Salary 35000 QAR

To provide high-quality addiction counselling services to individual Guest Clients and Guest Client groups with a wide range of physical and mental health needs stemming from substance use disorders, in order to develop and implement appropriate treatment plans that support their sustained recovery and quality of life


Minimum Qualifications & Experience

    ·Certificate or diploma in Addiction Counseling (or equivalent) which includes clinical practice.

    ·Completion of accredited addictions core training.

    ·At least 2 years of experience in addiction counseling in a clinically supervised practice providing care for those with substance use or addiction needs.

Key Accountabilities

Counseling Services

§Support and stimulate motivation and desire for treatment in Guest Clients and to present themselves as models of success which help to promote the message that there is a way to live without drugs.

§Develop close peer and therapeutic relationships with Guest Clients, which facilitate Guest Clients engaging and sustaining in recovery and in linking with other members of the MDT involved in the treatment plan.

§Be available to community members to listen and to provide advice and information on how to access the hospital services.

§Contribute in determining the suitability of admission to the hospital services for community members, and as appropriate, encourage them to seek help and use the hospital services to support their treatment and recovery process.

§Explain to Guest Clients the general nature and goals of the hospital and its treatment programmers as well as the expected roles and responsibilities of Guest Clients to facilitate their full commitment and ensure an effective recovery.

§Utilise counselling skills to assist individuals in achieving objectives through exploration of the presenting problems and ramifications, examination of Guest Clients’ attitudes and feelings, consideration of alternative solutions and decision-making.

§Contribute to the development of the MDT treatment plan by working with the other MDT professionals on regular basis to deliver effective and efficient high quality services.

§Work with Guest Clients in bringing together services, other relevant agencies, resources and people within a planned framework of action in order to support the achievement of established goals.

§As part of the MDT plan, to help Guest Clients in managing times of acute emotional and/or physical distress.

§Provide information and psychoeducation (Including Pre- Matrix and MATRIX Relapse prevention and Social Support Programs and Addiciton Counsellor relevant programmes) to individuals and groups concerning alcohol and other substance abuse.

§Chart the results of the assessment and treatment plan, prepare reports, progress notes in order track recovery process and share information with involved staff in the MDT responsible for Guest Client’s care.

§Evaluate therapeutic counselling and treatment outcomes to identify gaps in services and recommend improvements.

·Participate in MDT risk assessments to provide recommendations regarding care and monitoring of Guest Clients.

Multi-disciplinaryTeam (MDT) Involvement

§Participate in the MDT meetings, discussions and activities to ensure Guest Client centric care from a clinical, wellness and hospitality perspective.

§Together with the Guest Client, identify and prioritise her/his problems by conducting assessments to identify his/her strengths, issues and needs, and identify immediate, and long-term goals to contribute to the development of MDT treatment plan and the Guest Clients ‘My Care Plan’.

§Work within own professional scope within the MDT closely with other MDT members MDT to assure comprehensive and quality care for the Guest Client.

·Seek Guest Clients’ feedback both to address them immediately and to share with the MDT and establish plans to resolve them.

Awareness on Addiction Counselling

·Assist in promoting the understanding of the broader the hospital staff of the role addiction counsellors play in enhancing Guest Client recovery.

Clinical Excellence

    ·Participate as applicable in developing appropriate clinical policies and procedures, clinical protocols, case management, quality assurance programmes as per the defined care standards.

Medical Records

    ·Take first-line accountability to update and utilise the information provided on the electronic medical records system to enhance the clinical activities, improve efficiency and support decision making.

Research and Improvement

§Act as an advocate for Guest Client participation in the hospital research explaining the information will be used to improve service provision and Guest Client outcomes.

    Undertake an agreed program of continuing professional development and attend conferences or seminars to increase the personal and collective understanding of mental, emotional and behavioral states or disorders.

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures

§Contribute to the identification of opportunities for the continuous improvement of departmental systems, processes and practices considering ‘international leading practice’ to improve business processes, productivity, and clinical and operational efficiency.

§Implement all relevant departmental policies, processes, procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.


    §Contribute to the preparation of timely and accurate reports (clinical and departmental) to meet the hospital’s and department’s requirements, policies and standards.

    Related Assignments

    §Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.



§Head Addiction Counsellor

§Manager Psychosocial

§MDT members

§MDT Leads

§All HoDs Psychosocial (Addiction Counsellor, Social Work, Spiritual and Religious, Occupational Therapy)


§Guest Clients

§Other third parties pertinent to the treatment

§plan of Guest Clients

§Other agencies pertinent to the treatment of Guest Clients

§Other agencies involved in Awareness and prevention programmes

Key Performance Indicators:

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital


    ·Knowledge of addiction counseling and guidance.

    ·Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction

    ·Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.

    ·Demonstrable skills in developing and providing person-centered approaches.

    ·Excellent use of the English language (must) and Arabic language ().

    ·Excellent interpersonal skills.

    ·Ability to work well as part of a team.

Key Competencies:

Technical Competencies:

§IT Skills – use of iEMR, SAP, Word

§Report writing

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital

Behavioral Competencies:

§Reliability – To attend work and carry out instructions

§Team orientation – Understand that he works as part of a team

§Planning and organising

·Please send your updated resume to

·Mentioning the job title in the email subject.

---Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. ---

Minimum requirement
Qualification Diploma
Experience 2 Year
Age from 25 to 35
Sex Males or Females

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