Job opportunity : Manager – Clinical Support for Medical Complex working in the government sector in Qatar company in Qatar

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Job Title Manager – Clinical Support
Closing Date 2018-10-16
Company Medical Complex working in the government sector in Qatar
No. of Posts 1
Location Qatar
Contract Permeant

To manage and coordinate clinical support activities in order to ensure that the hospital’s Medical Team are delivering high quality services and support the team in the management of Guest Client cases and treatment plans.


Minimum Qualifications & Experience

    ·Master’s degree in Health Management or equivalent from a reputable university.

    ·Up-to date CPD in relevant areas.

    ·Postgraduate qualification in a relevant subject area.

    ·10 years of experience in Clinical Support, including at least 3 years in positions of progressively increasing managerial responsibilities

    ·Experience in the GCC is preferred.


Corporate Strategy

§Develop and execute the department’s long-term strategic plan in alignment with the hospital’s corporate strategy.

§Develop annual business plans for the department to ensure the achievement of financial and strategic objectives.

§Support in the development of objectives and plans for the applicable cross-functional teams in order to ensure the achievement of guest client’s objectives and service standards.

§Report to the Director – Clinical Operations on the progress of activities against the annual business plans, opportunities, challenges and issues faced, mitigations taken, etc. as required, to make an informed decision.

§Manage and continuously monitor the performance of the department to ensure performance deviations are identified in a timely manner, and required resources and actions are implemented to meet performance targets.


    §Manage the department performance by assisting the Director – Clinical Operations in managing the performance of direct and indirect reports (including applicable cross-functional teams), identifying and defining workforce requirements (by monitoring capacity, utilisation and productivity, and skills, gender and language mix), allocating and scheduling workforce, coordinating licensing and privileging, and coverage. Identifying training needs and developing talent, in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders (i.e., Human Resources, Organisation Development, Talent Management), to ensure qualified and highly motivated staff propel the hospital to achieve its objectives.

    §Organisation Structure

    §Recommend an optimum organisation structure/model for the department in coordination with the Clinical Directors, Clinical Operations, Organisation Development and Human Resource, to ensure that resources are optimally utilised and communication can take place in an efficient manner.

Budget Planning

§Manage the preparation and provide input on the department's budget in alignment to the respective annual business plan.

    Monitor and report the department’s financial performance against the budget to ensure alignment with set budget guidelines, identify areas of unsatisfactory performance, and recommend performance improvement opportunities.

Culture Propagation

    Participate in transmitting and propagating the hospital’s desired culture which revolves around enablement and empowerment of employees, and fostering creativity and innovation in order to motivate desired behaviour that supports the hospital in achieving its objectives and ensure guest clients’ best interests.

Clinical Excellence

§Develop and seek approval on clinical policies and procedures, clinical protocols, case management, quality assurance programmes in coordination with the members from the MDT and relevant stakeholders as per the established clinical standards of care and care pathways.

§Monitor all Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures and practices to ensure that the department is performing in accordance with highest professional standards.

§Evaluate effectiveness of services delivered based on Guest Client and Medical Team feedback in order to identify areas for improvement.

§Ensure investigation of complaints and discrepancies in order to develop strategies to manage and minimise potential adverse events in the future.

    Ensure that the department supports the hospital’s quality improvement and CARF accreditation initiatives, in order to meet international standards and best practices, ensuring the delivery of best-in-class quality services to Guest Clients.


    Oversee the provision of high quality diagnostic imaging services functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), DEXA and dental x-ray in order to provide information on the treatment of guest clients and to assist in the research of neurobiology of addiction.

Pharmacy and Laboratory

    Monitor the activities of the Pharmacy (which includes dispensing of Medication for both outpatient and inpatient) and Laboratory (which includes phlebotomy service and point of care testing for urine samples and alcohol breath testing), in order to ensure the delivery of high quality tests and medications supporting the treatment plan of Guest Clients.

Dental Suite

§Ensure the dental operating area is being managed and maintained properly in order to support the hospital

    dentists in their daily activities and help them treat Guest Clients effectively and efficiently.

Relationship Management and Partnerships

§Support in building trusting relationships and partnerships with relevant institutions to create win-win solutions that enable exchange of support, knowledge and expertise and to improve the clinical care provided by the hospital.

§Promote a favourable image to all external stakeholders so that the hospital is viewed as a client-focused, innovative and trusted institution.

    Liaise with other Medical Departments, healthcare organisations and governmental institutions in order to gain their support in delivering high quality clinical services, utilising latest best practice methodologies.

Medical Records

§Ensure proper utilisation and adaptation of the EMR including accuracy, completeness and confidentiality of information in order to ensure appropriate follow-up and treatment of guest clients, effective circulation of information, improve efficiency and optimise the utilisation of resources.

    Ensure Guest Client medical records are being managed and updated continuously in order to ensure availability of data at all times and to support the Medical Team in the decision-making process regarding Guest Client treatment.

    Ensure proper analysis and evaluation of Guest Client data to support in diagnosing nature and extent of health issues.


    Oversee the provision of clinical nutritional care services in order to ensure Guest Clients are receiving high standard and customised nutritional treatment plans that promote their well-being and healthy lifestyle.


Oversee all purchasing activities –in coordination with Procurement and Contracts Department- of equipment and supplies related to the department, in order to ensure compliance with best practices and latest technologies, while securing efficient and profitable deals.

Research and Education

    Participate in and support the hospital’s research, education & knowledge management initiatives through the active international research and provision of clinical training programmes for clinical professionals in order to ensure compliance with best practices, and help the hospital become a leading healthcare provider.

Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) Involvement

    Participate in the multidisciplinary teams (MDT) meetings, discussions and activities including the defining of standards of care and care pathways as defined by the clinical/service line requirements in order to ensure guest client centric care from a clinical, wellness and hospitality perspective as well as to support the organisation in providing the Guest Clients with extensive range of professional treatment services.

Committee Involvement and Meetings

    Attend relevant committee meetings and perform duties as described in the committee Terms of Reference (TOR) in order to ensure that the committee achieve its responsibilities and objectives.

Change Management

    Manage (and act as a change agent) the identification and implementation of change initiatives on systems, processes and practices and proactively participating in required changes taking into account ‘international leading practice’, and changes in the business environment and evolvement of guest client requirements.

Policies, System, Processes and Procedures

Manage the development and implementation of departmental and clinical policies, systems, processes and procedures, and continuously identify and recommend improvements to ensure compliance with the hospital’s standards and regulatory requirements, align to business requirements, and increase clinical and operational effectiveness

Management Reporting

§Ensure that departmental and clinical reports are prepared in a comprehensive, accurate and timely manner, and meet business and departmental requirements and standards.

§Present regular and ad hoc management reports on new opportunities, highlight critical issues and challenges, and provide strategic insight to ensure effective decision-making.

Related Assignments

Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.



§Clinical Director Medical

§Director Clinical Operations

§Clinical Director Recovery and Engagement

§Physicians/ Dentists/ Psychiatrics

§Direct Reports

§Other function heads across the organisation (Talent Management, Quality Management, HR, Procurement, Organisation Development, etc.)

§Relevant Committees



§Other healthcare organisations/ institutions

§Guest Clients and their families

Key Performance Indicators:

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital

Context, Work environment And DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY:

§Key decisions having significant impact on the function/department are referred to the Director – Clinical Operations for approval before implementation.

§The jobholder exercises financial and non-financial authority as per the level established by the hospital management and stipulated in the delegation of authority.

§The job requires flexibility to work on call, day or night shift as needed.


    ·Knowledge of local health regulations and procedures.

    ·Knowledge of laboratory and pharmacy operations and activities.

    ·Knowledge of medical records processes and systems.

    ·Strong knowledge in dental operations and services.

    ·Knowledge of latest technologies in radiography.

    ·Familiarity with budgeting principles and procedures.

    ·Ability to accommodate change in the workplace.

    ·Ability to motivate, develop and manage people as they work, and identify the best people for the job.

    ·Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

    ·Extensive skill handling personnel from a multi-cultural work environment.

    ·Basic IT skills and ability to use management information systems.

    ·Decision making and problem solving skills.

    ·Excellent use of the English language (must) and Arabic language (preferred).

Key Competencies:

Technical Competencies:

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital

Behavioral Competencies:

To be populated at a later stage by the hospital

    Please send your updated resume to

    ·Mentioning the job title in the email subject.

---Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. ---

Minimum requirement
Qualification M.Sc
Experience 10 Year
Age from 45 to 55
Sex Males or Females

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