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Qurtoba has paid attention to deliver contributions to the society that is related to its area of service , namely the human resources, recruitment and training and devoted the specialization areas of its consultants and trainers to deliver societal service in the area of consultancies to a wide spectrum of organizations , educational corporations and individuals

Qurtoba provided many career counseling services to the society are represented in the job hunting professional guidance which take different forms such as:

  • Deliver of short and focused lectures on the professional paths that are suitable to the internal as well as external labor markets and hence the selection of the technical path that suit such paths and this is called the job based education.
  • Provision of job counseling service by providing the youths who are seeking jobs with means and mechanisms for job seeking and equip them with knowledge and core competencies to obtain a job , such as how to write CV and how to prepare oneself to practical interviews and how to communicate with the internal and external labor market and also by providing the program participants with very important competencies for the job or profession , this is part of the professional grading and this is called job counseling .
  • Provision of information to individuals who want to start small business projects by providing factual and updated information on the projects that suit the Sudanese market and information on the important courses on the management of small projects and on the feasibility studies and marketing and on how to obtain finance and on the simplest accounting and legal standards in managing projects and this is called the operational counseling.
    Qurtoba addresses the needs of job seekers youths as follows:
    1. Assesses the abilities and skills of the job seekers to provide the suitable job counselling with regard to their strengths and weaknesses and the jobs that are suitable to them.
    2. Providing information on job opportunities in the best way including providing advice and counseling regarding the required skill.
    3. Providing information on job opportunities in the best way including the provision of job advice and counseling on the required skills.
    4. Provide the available information on the supply and demand in the labor market and the competencies that are required to create good
    5. Promote the awareness with job opportunities and its requirements in the private sector.

Qurtoba aims at providing the assistance and Career Counseling to a number of groups to include the following:

  • The Higher Secondary Schools students who want to identify their work path through the selection of a scientific path that suit the internal and external labor market needs.
  • The youth graduates who are seeking jobs by equipping them with job seeking tools, knowledge and techniques and also the necessary knowledge to write the CV and how to pass the interviews and how to benefit from the job counseling in case they want to change their career path if it does not suit the internal and external labor market needs.
  • The youths who do not complete their education , by assisting them to start new work life and select professions that suit the internal and external labor markets needs and equip them with the core competencies that are relevant to such professions and open the internal and external labor markets for them.
  • The youths who want to start their own projects, here the advice is on providing integrated information on the projects that are suitable to the Sudanese market and on how to manage the small projects and information on how to obtain finance for such projects inside Sudan.
  • Households and pensioners to make use of their capacities, experiences and directions on how to perform certain professions that suit their age, life, practical, and academic experiences and work to use this great hell of experiences in beneficial and profitable businesses.
  • The disabled who may face problems in employment, this can be done by provision of job counseling and guidance to them and also to the employers to avoid discrimination in the employment process.
  • The parents who have sons & daughters in the secondary education stage to train them on how to give the professional advice & counseling and how to monitor the competencies, abilities, tendencies and wants of their sons & daughters and also to also take enough idea about the labor market and the future jobs, in order to assist their sons & daughters to select job paths that suit their abilities and wants and also suit the internal and external labor markets needs.
  • The teachers so that they provide the educational counseling to the secondary school students starting from the first year and then the second year in order to identify their educational path pursuant to the labor market needs , so as not to be surprised , that they studied specializations which do not match the internal and external market’s needs .

Services provided by Qurtoba
for job seekers

It is the set of jobs that a person occupies in his working life, starting from the date of the first job until his retirement from work, and the person determines his path based on his desire, capabilities, and qualifications. Determining the career path is determining the lifestyle that the person wants to live because it is directly affected by the type of career path that the person has chosen.

Career planning:

It is a practical strategy that allows you to identify your skills and interests, define your career goals, and set the actions that will help you reach them. It is an ongoing process.

Ways and means of selecting and planning a professional path

  • Collect information about yourself
  • Think about what inspires you and ignites your enthusiasm always and for a long time and not for a moment or a short period.
  • Evaluation of personal self, interest, knowledge, skills, passion
  • Always consider what you can actually do
  • Take a test to determine the path by comparing your skills and abilities with the skills and abilities required for the job.
  • Set long and short term career goals and begin to outline your career plan and write down your goals for one year in a separate “sub-plan”
  • Try to actually work in what you think is appropriate for you
  • Develop skills, knowledge, behavior and competence
  • Get a career guide and deal with a professional career counselor to help you
  • Explore non-traditional professions
  • Ask others about what suits you and what you can succeed in
  • Use the equation - passion + characteristics ((strengths)) + values ((what you cannot give up at work or what you cannot accept))
  • See your career path as a winding and multiple path.
  • Building a professional network and personal brands
  • Read, study and join training for anything related to your career

Qurtoba provides free training and career counseling sessions to help people choose the right career path that is compatible with their desires and abilities.

Below are some websites that can be used to determine a career path:

You can Register here To fill out a free training application to attend career path determination sessions

An advertisement for a job seeker to reflect and clarify the person's competencies and skills, and it is considered one of the most important means to show the person's skills, competencies and qualifications to attract the attention of employers to the job applicant. The main objective of the resume is to get an opportunity to attend the interview or preview and sometimes directly through it to get the job.

Types of CVs:

There are a number of types of CVs, and the person who wants to apply for vacancies, and the submission depends on a CV, must choose the appropriate type for the CV, and choosing the appropriate type for the CV depends on two factors, the first is the vacancy and the second is the experiences available to the person applying for the job.

Chronological CV: It is a resume based on the chronological sequence of professional history and starts with the most recent, last, or current job, then progresses to the first job the person occupied and is used by the person who has a work record and serial practical experiences and has a unified career path.

Functional CV: It is designed based on the positions held by the person so that similar jobs that focus on tasks, job duties, skills and experiences are collected, and are used by the person who has gaps in his career path or does not have a unified career path.

Mixed CV: It is the one that combines two or more types of CVs, such as the chronological CV and the functional CV, and is used when a person wants to highlight a specific aspect of his expertise or specialization according to a chronological sequence, so that the officials of the sorting process in the CVs see that it is appropriate to attend for a procedure. Preview or job interview.

It is designed by its owner for a specific purpose or for a specific job towards applying for a scholarship or applying for a specific project, and it is designed for one purpose and only once.

Qurtoba helps job seekers design a resume in an appropriate and professional way, by training the skills of writing and designing a resume.

You can Register here to fill out a free resume design training application

You can also use the Qurtoba online system to design your CV by clicking on this link and filling out the recruitment form. Also, you can watch the CV design video on Qurtoba YouTube channel 

 A series dedicated to the design of CVs The link is on YouTube

Below are some websites that can be used in CV design


It is the place of supply and demand for jobs. The labor market is also defined as the group of agencies that link between those who have vacancies and wish to fill them and those who apply for those vacancies. The labor market consists of two aspects:

  • Supply: It is the number of labor force willing to be employed from among the population during a certain period of time.
  • Demand: It is the demand for labor that represents the other side of the market, and it means the human effort required in quantity and quality by employers from public and private institutions to obtain certain services.

Types of labor market

Tight labor market:It is the labor market in which the number of available jobs exceeds the number of those willing to work

Stagnant labor market:It is the labor market in which the number of job seekers exceeds the number of available jobs

Where to display vacancies:

Jobs are displayed in newspapers, on electronic recruitment sites, and in various social media platforms, as well as in some specific places in Sudan.

A high percentage of jobs are not filled by the mentioned recruitment methods referred to here, but are filled by other methods, the most important of which is through nomination, or recommendation, which is that the employer asks a person in his organization to nominate a person for him in a specific job, and this usually happens in small or medium enterprises, and therefore they remain Building a network is an important issue in the process of searching for jobs, entering the labor market, and following up on vacancies.

Professional work platforms are the most important means for building networks of relationships, and is one of the most important sites for building a network of professional relationships with specialists in the field

Qurtoba helps job seekers build a business plan by providing them with the skill of building and designing a search plan in the labor market.

 You can Register here to fill out a business plan training application

In order to receive vacancies, you can follow Qurtoba on social media Social on the links below:

The interview is an invitation from the company to the candidate for the job to find out how suitable he is for the job and the main purpose of it is to give each party information to the other. On the part of the candidate, he must confirm to the interviewee that he is the right candidate for the job because he has the qualification, experience, competence and skill to fill the job. On the part of the company, it wants to confirm The job opportunity and the work environment are the best for the candidate, so it is not a condition that the one who is chosen is the best candidate in fact, but rather the best candidate who presented himself in a manner convincing the interviewee that he is the most suitable for the job is chosen.

Types of interviews

The one to one interview

The most common type of interview and the easiest type of interview compared to other types is the presence of the candidate to meet the recruitment officer, the human resources manager or the general manager, and the decision in this interview is often made after the completion of the examination of all the candidates directly, and this type is often adopted by medium and small companies.

Sequential interview

They are successive interviews, either planned and therefore sequential, or based on the performance of the candidate in the first interview, then he moves to the next, and the most famous of them is that there are tests for written skills, computer skills, or a test for scientific information, then it results in the nomination of a number of candidates for the oral interview, which can be divided into two phases. To measure professional competence, an interview to measure behavioral competence, then a final interview related to the job offer. This interview is conducted by large companies and institutions.

Committee interview

It is conducted by a specialized committee representing different departments in the presence of representatives of those departments, and it is the most difficult type of interview, as the candidate must have a high concentration because the questions are from three or four representatives of the company, and the questions are consecutive and varied and are conducted by large companies.

Group interview

It is the one in which candidates for the job are gathered together and asked questions to them. This interview aims to identify the capabilities of the candidates in leadership skills, positive initiative, and team spirit. These interviews are usually conducted in the manner of evaluation centers.

Qurtoba helps job seekers with practical training to master the skills of attending interviews and you can register to attend a one-day workshop on attending interviews

Form You can Register here to fill out the application for training in mastering interviews or interviews skills

 A series dedicated to the skills of Interviews The link is on YouTube

And you can attend the interview preparation video by subscribing to Qurtoba Youtube Channel


It is finding what differentiates you, building a reputation based on the attributes you want to be known for, and then promoting that reputation with the aim of monetizing it. With a simple definition, a brand is that unique combination of your name, data, ideas, experiences and skills, and it is this same combination that distinguishes you from everyone else.

The personal brand is built through many methods, the most important of which are writing, public lectures, and recording educational videos. It is also built using tools such as websites, personal accounts on social media, professional platforms, personal blogs, scientific journals, daily newspapers, and participation in public events and through all other means of publicity.

Why you should care about creating personal brands

When it comes to building a personal brand, some people dismiss the process as time consuming or not that important and this is true - a person will have to dedicate time and effort to building a personal brand properly, but the idea that building a personal brand is not important is wrong. This is because the future is for distinction between individuals and because there is a great growth in freelancing platforms or the work of freelancers, and building a brand enables you to provide your services directly, and building a brand enables you to start your own business.

The most important reason to focus on personal brands is to help the person himself by enabling himself to be independent with his skills at any moment he wants, and thus the person can work on his personal goals more and work in what he loves and desires more broadly because he is free from the obligation to work towards one job or institution.

Qurtoba offers training or coaching services to build a personal brand. Those wishing to build their personal brand can register by filling in their personal data in the Form.

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