Electronic recruitment system

Corporate E-recruitment Service

Do you want to announce vacancies in your company in the fastest and easiest way, at any time and at the lowest cost …. !!!?
إعلان الوظائف

Job posting

It enables our clients to advertise their vacancies using the Cordoba e-recruitment system, which is one of the largest Sudanese e-recruitment sites
البحث عن السير الذاتية

Search for resumes

Cordoba customers can also view the largest detailed and classified database in Sudan, which includes tens of thousands of Sudanese employees

Electronic recruitment

System specifications and features

• An account for the organization or company on the site (username, password) with the ability to manage the account with more than one employee.
• Publish vacancy announcements at any time and at any time.
• The duration of the vacancy announcement is flexible so that it can be controlled In which
• Preparing the vacancy announcement formula in a professional way.
• Resumes can be reviewed and classified using the system with ease after setting job requirements.
• Resumes or job applications selected to participate in the recruitment interview are sent to the company's account Or the organization via e-mail.
• Sorting employment applications and selecting and arranging the short list of applicants for the job advertised on the website
• Sending interview letters to the short list via e-mail and also sending them to the accounts of applicants to the job.
• Extracting and printing a report with the addresses and telephones of the short list (Short List)
• Searching for CVs for employees Those who are suitable on the human resources system to view tens of thousands of resumes of subscribers to the Cordoba online recruitment system
• The system enables job seekers to design their resumes with ease.
• The system helps human resources officials to create job descriptions.
• The system is supported by a network of platforms on social media that connects companies with more than 500,000 Sudanese job seekers in more than 200 specializations, of whom 100,000 Sudanese have already been tested, evaluated, and classified.

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