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Qurtoba as one of Sudanese recruitment agency it is dedicated to finding the best candidate to match the client's requirements and fill any vacant positions. We prioritize quick and efficient processes, utilizing various interview techniques tailored to each specific sector, job, and level of responsibility. Additionally, we offer our expertise in providing Sudanese employees to companies located in the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Types of recruitment services

Full Recruitment Process:

Qurtoba Company is responsible for carrying out all aspects of the recruitment process, including advertising job vacancies, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, administering aptitude tests, and recommending a shortlist of suitable candidates for each job opening.

Partial Employment Process:

Qurtoba Company's responsibility is limited to advertising the client's job vacancies and screening resumes of applicants based on the job requirements, after compiling a list of eligible candidates who meet the criteria, Qurtoba sends it to the client, then the client selects the most suitable candidates for interviews and Qurtoba facilitates the coordination of these interviews, which take place at the client's premises and it is conducted by the client's team.

E-Recruitment Process:

The client avails of Qurtoba online recruitment system, which offers a range of services in the recruitment field. The system can be accessed by clicking here

Advertising in social media only

Full Recruitment Process

Partial Employment Process

E-Recruitment Process

The Advantages of Recruitment

  • Quick recruitment procedures completed within 24 hours.
  • Access to a database containing over 200,000 resumes in over 200 different specialties.
  • Utilize a wider network of recruitment channels that reaches over 500,000 job seekers.
  • Use of diverse interview approaches including more than 10 different techniques.

Internal & Overseas Recruitment

Qurtoba leverages the key advantage of both partial and full employment processes across all industries, with a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. By striving to offer additional services in addition to the essential ones required, Qurtoba creates equal opportunities between candidates, this is achieved by receiving job specifications from clients and utilizing various effective social media channels to connect with over 500,000 Sudanese job seekers in more than 200 fields, both within and outside of Sudan

Employment from Sudan / Recruitment from Sudan

Qurtoba is committed to providing excellent services in the field of recruitment from Sudan and overseas employment. We have a database of tens of thousands of Sudanese employees and workers in various fields, where their specialties have been classified and their competence level has been determined., and their abilities and skills have been analyzed through multiple stages of checking and tests, and based on that, they have been classified according to their capabilities.
Qurtoba offers the recruitment from Sudan and external employment service through several stages:
First: Ensuring that the organization seeking employees meets the requirements of the relevant authorities in the concerned country.
Second: The stage of selecting Sudanese workers and employees, which is carried out according to scientific employment procedures (refer to the employment procedures).
Third: Ensuring the safety of the candidate medically and legally.
4. Fourth: Monitoring the procedures at the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Internal affairs in Sudan and at the embassy of the concerned country.
Fifth: Travel and reservation procedures and providing the candidate with sufficient information about the concerned country and the organization that has requested him / her for work.
Therefore, Qurtoba is considered the best recruitment office in Sudan in terms of speed, quality, and excellency service

Employment projects

Qurtoba has employed over 8000 workers and employees in 9 countries for more than 400 clients and in approximately 150 medicals, engineering, administrative, technical and commercial fields, as well as in various sectors such as healthcare, oil, manufacturing, communications, agriculture, education, and commerce.
The most prominent organizations and companies that Qurtoba has provided recruitment services for outside Sudan are:
Nass Group, Saad Group, Elsafi for milk Group, Rajhi Group, SME Group, Aldar Hospitals.
it has also employed for a number of companies within Sudan, including Zain, MTN, GFA and Golden Arrow,
among others. Khartoum distinguishes itself through its fast and standardized recruitment procedures due to its possession of the largest database of more than 200,000 qualified Sudanese workers and employees in more than 200 fields and its wider social media channels with candidates, which include over 500,000 Sudanese who are searching for work

Among the most prominent projects in Qurtoba in terms of employment:

Employment project for the Project Implementation Unit of the Federal Ministry of Health

A project to employ the PMU of the Federal Ministry of Health and funded by the GAVI Organization under the supervision of the German company (GFA). A nomination for vacant jobs in the project submitted 1044 candidates for 16 vacancies. The recruitment procedures included sorting the CVs of the applicants according to the required qualifications, then organizing the written test for technical skills, English language and computer skills, then conducting interview and assessing behavioral competencies by experts from Qurtoba Company specialized in assessing behavioral competencies and psychological tests, and then communicating with the list of references and former employers for candidates, the result of project 3 candidates were nominated per each vacancy. The project was implemented in 2022.

Project to recruit engineers and technicians for Durrah Advance Development Company 

In this project were recruit engineers and technicians for Durrah Advance Development Company, an advanced sugar manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. The project presented around 2000 applicants with over 40 job opportunities, and the interviews were conducted by a team from the Durrah Company, organized by the Qurtoba staff. The project completed the visa procedures for the selected employees at the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum, the Sudanese Ministry of Labor, and monitored their travel arrangements until they arrived in Yanbu in Saudi Arabia and were stationed at the company. The project was completed in 2022..

Employment project for the White Nile Sugar Factory

A project to recruit and fill 363 vacancies for the White Nile Sugar Factory. The vacancies included jobs for engineers, technicians, skilled workers, machine drivers, and harvesters. More than 7,000 candidates applied for jobs. The CVs of the candidates were sorted, and five employees were nominated for each job. The company delivered about 1,500 CVs to candidates who They were selected for the jobs of technicians, drivers, and skilled workers. Oral interviews were conducted for the technical and behavioral competences of 55 engineer jobs. The inspection committees interviewed about 250 candidates for engineer jobs, and nominated about 120 of them for engineer vacancies. The project was implemented in 2010


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What our clients said about us

In 2023, I worked directly with qurtoba staff we asked qurtoba to provide us with the below post heders qurtoba satisfy our needs by sending excellent CVs for the post.

(NAS) Nasir Bin Abdullah & Sons

- Moath Al Qadi, Group HR Manager

This Certify that OiLiBYASudan Company Ltd, has dealt with qurtoba for recruitment since 2015 to assist in sourcing qualified candidates for vacant responsive & swift feedback whenever needed


- Gasim Kunda, HR & Facilities Manager

Their services and support were excellent and we are pleased with the work they performed for us. Qurtoba has gained our satisfaction

(JOUF) Estate CO.

- Alkaayid Group, HR Manager

In 2023, I worked directly with qurtoba staff we asked qurtoba to provide us with the below post heders qurtoba satisfy our needs by sending excellQurtoba for requirements and has been working with us from 2019 – 2011 as a recruitment agency and we had been asking qurtoba to provide for us the below posts factory engineers factory technicians fleet staff agriculture labours the total numbers of posts were 363 and qurtoba provided for us excellent CVs for all posts
ent CVs for post

Wite Nile Suger CO.LTD

- Abdallah Mohamed Ali, HR Manager

Working with you has allowed al durrah the convenience and privilege of having our tailored operations viewed as rapid seamless and counting and helped us to operate effectively.

Durrah Advanced Development Company

- Talal Alqarni, Shared Services Director

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