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Qurtoba provides management training services in the field of human resources, organizational development, institutional reform, strategic planning and change management.
Qurtoba aims to make the training process useful and enjoyable for the trainees, and to ensure the efficiency of the trainer and the adequacy of the scientific material. The method of Qurtoba trainers is characterized by the use of a large number of training methods and activities related to the objectives of the program in order to cover all the main learning patterns of the participants.

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Advantages of the training service

Methodology for providing training programmes

Training Programes

In training, Qurtoba distinguished by providing interesting and useful training programs and using more than 20 training methods in one session.

The most prominent training methods used by Qurtoba are group work, case study, role play, demonstration presentation, and training games. Training activities represent 80% of the training course time

trainees in administrative training programs. Qurtoba has specialized in providing training programs in the field of human resources for large institutions. The most prominent clients to whom Qurtoba provided training services are:

The British Embassy, the UNAMID mission, the Ahfad University, the University of Sudan, the Ministry of Justice, the Civil Aviation Authority, Bash Pharma, Petrodar, and among the most prominent training projects in Qurtoba:

The United Nations-African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)  

Qurtoba implemented the Employment Skills Program for workers for (UNAMID) in Darfur, which Qurtoba implemented several times, from 2015 to 2019, as the mission began to reduce the number of its staff due to the end of the mission’s mandate, in order to help employees and workers obtain The program coincided with the annual job fair in the city of El Fasher. About 80 participants benefited from the program. The program was implemented in the city of El Fasher in the mission camp.

Ministry of Justice

A training program for department Managers at the Ministry of Justice on the organizational restructuring program, strategic planning and performance indicators measurement in the year 2020. About 100 participants benefited from the program, and the program was implemented at the Ministry of Justice.

Bash Pharma Company

Performance management system program for department managers, heads of departments and supervisors at Bash Pharma in 2016. About 35 trainees attended the program and the program was implemented in the company's buildings in industrial area - Suba.

Civil Aviation Authority

The performance management system program and Competency based interviews at the Civil Aviation Authority in 2019. The programs were attended by 100 trainees from the authority's senior leadership. The program was implemented in the Aviation Academy hall.

Roads and Bridges Authority, Khartoum State

Performance management system program for Departments managers, Sections heads, and supervisors at the Roads and Bridges Authority, Khartoum State, in the year 2020. The program was attended by 106 participants. The purpose of the program is to train participants to implement the performance management system designed by Qurtoba.

Ahfad University

Skills for obtaining jobs or job hunting training program at Al-Ahfad University from 2015 to 2020, and participation in the annual job fair organized by the university. About 90 students benefited from the program in three different courses and this consider as one of Social responsibility program.

British Embassy

The Job Acquisition Skills program for workers at the British Embassy in Khartoum was designed for southern employees in 2010 who moved after the separation of South Sudan to the State of South Sudan. The program was attended by 35 participants and the program was implemented at the British Embassy in Khartoum.

Sudan University, College of Business Studies

A workshop on the skills of obtaining jobs at the University of Sudan, College of Commercial Studies in 2017. About 45 male and female students participated in the workshop.

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bash pharma


Testimonials endorsements from past clients

We civil aviation authority certifies that qurtoba provided our in-house training session in 2017 & 2019 in the HR field about 100 form our employees has been participated in and was distinguished training courses.


- Eitidal Ahmed Salime, A/D.G

UNAMID Certificates that qurtoba for training has delivered in-house training on the labour market for staff members the training was outstanding


- Abbas Koura, Acting Chief ,Imtc

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